God Gives What We Need

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” So reads the opening line of Charles Dickens’ famous novel A Tale of Two Cities. Perhaps there are times in ministry when we might identify with Dickens’ sentiment. The gospel ministry is such a glorious thing, yet in a moment, you face surprise, challenge, and at times bewilderment.

The prophet Ezekiel would have probably identified with the same ministry experience. Dear pastor, church planter, church revitalizer, faithful church partner, please allow me to share the following reflection with you Ezekiel 3. Obviously, you can read the chapter for yourself but here are my observations that I pray will edify you…

God gives Ezekiel the sermon he needs. Verses 1-6 paint this picture of God’s Word being the food we need for our souls. Ezekiel feasts on the Word of God and is called to speak the Word of God. Praise God for His Word that is our daily bread. Praise God that you and I do not dare need to stand before God’s people with our mere illustrations or ruminations but may declare the revelation of God.

God gives Ezekiel the strength he needs. But, I know you know that the work of ministry is not without peril or trouble. As I read verses 7-15, I was struck by the frankness of God’s assessment of the challenge Ezekiel would face, but strengthened by the promise of the empowerment of the Spirit of God.

God gives Ezekiel the certainty he needs. Verse 16 and following record for us God’s call for Ezekiel to be a watchman, to give warning, to be captivated, literally, by the call of God. There is a certainty to the call of God on Ezekiel’s life. I pray that in season and out of season, in the best of times and the worst of times, that the certainty of God’s call will reassure us, the strength of God’s Spirit will empower us, and the truth of God’s Word will be proclaimed by us.

This past week as we gathered for the SBC of Virginia Annual Homecoming, we focused on the power of not alone. We are not alone. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords has called us. We have the Word of God and are assured of the very presence of God. We are the watchmen. Let’s stand side by side, proclaiming His majesty, His mercies, His warnings. If we can serve you, please let us know.

Your brother in Christ,

Brian Autry


PS: SBC of Virginia Annual Homecoming resources, and information about ministries and opportunities may be found at www.sbcv.org.