SBCV Churches Stand Against VA Governor's Comments

While the SBC of Virginia is thankful for the defeat of the horrific Repeal Act bill, which would allow for abortion up until the moment of childbirth and loosens restrictions of late term abortions, we unequivocally voice our disgust at Governor Northam’s comments defending the bill. In a moment, which is being called, “unbridled honesty” about the abortion agenda, Governor Northam yesterday described a situation where a severely deformed or “non-viable” infant could be left to die after birth.

On WTOP’s Ask The Governor, Northam defended the Repeal Act (HB 2491), a proposed bill that would allow for abortion up until the moment of childbirth. “If a mother is in labor . . . the infant would be delivered,” Northam said during the interview. “The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and mother.”

“The recently proposed bill to further unleash abortion on demand in the Commonwealth of Virginia was nothing short of infanticide”, says Dr. Brian Autry, Executive Director, SBC of Virginia. “While the bill did not advance, the Governor of Virginia added his comments in an interview, which he now says are being taken out of context. We know the context, and it makes the statement no better.”

A Washington Post article titled, Virginia Abortion Feud Erupts; Governor Blasted for Comments, states, “It was a surprising turn for legislation that had been introduced — and had failed — each of the past three years without any drama. A companion bill offered in the state Senate more than a week ago failed without comment.” Autry responded, “This needed to come to light so Virginians can recognize what our elected officials are considering in regard to life in Virginia.”

SBC of Virginia churches have repeatedly issued resolutions and called for the protection of the unborn and the sanctity of human life.

Autry continues, “SBC of Virginia churches are called to be salt and light. We have recently called Virginia to respond righteously, humbly, and with compassion in various areas of social justice and morality. Likewise, we once again call upon one another to prayerfully and diligently stand for the unborn and now the just-born. We will continue to mobilize to not only offer words of truth but to offer acts of compassion as we continue to minister to the poor, helpless, struggling, and orphaned among us.”

The SBC of Virginia continues to call the more than 740 churches and 250,000 members to mobilize your church and leaders to stand for life. Here are two ways to do that today:

First, send your legislators a message urging them to pass HJ 715 (R-Byron) – a Constitutional Amendment to prohibit tax dollars from being used to pay for abortions. This important pro-life legislation will stop taxpayer dollars from being used to pay to kill unborn children in Virginia! This must be brought up and voted on tomorrow (Friday, February 1) in order to survive!

Second, add April 3 to your church calendar and plan to join SBCV ministry partner, The Family Foundation, at the first annual Virginia March for Life in Richmond. Join others to stand in front of the governor’s mansion to declare that we are pro-life, and we do not support abortion! Details are coming soon, but please plan to be in Richmond at the Virginia March for Life on Wednesday, April 3, 2019.