Seven Encouragements for Investing in the Next Generation

Basically, I want to take this opportunity to say, “Thank You.” Thank you to all the youth pastors and leaders, children’s ministry pastors and leaders, the countless volunteers who are at summer camps, on mission trips, and working with Vacation Bible Schools. I am thankful that churches make substantial investments of time, money, and energy in the younger generation. Sometimes we refer to our children and youth as the next generation. I understand that phraseology – but, I also think the next generation is the NOW generation! Thank you for investing in the next generation now, because God is at work in and through them.

 In fact, this very week, my 17-year old son is on a mission trip with our church in South Carolina. My wife and youngest daughter are away at children’s camp. So, this is personal for me. In fact, I look back at my own life and I see the impact of these special summer weeks. I look back and I see the impact that people had on my life then and what would become my life now.

  1.  God is at work in the next generation now.

  2.  God loves our families and wants them to experience Him more than we can imagine.

  3.  God calls us to invest in reaching and discipling our children and youth.

  4. God is raising up our future leaders as we build up our current younger generation in the faith.

  5. God is pleased that you are serving Him by giving your time and energy investing in the next generation.

  6. God gets the attention of those around us as they see our heart for their families.

  7. God blesses us by inviting us to be a part of seeing Him work in this next generation now.

 Thank you for investing in the next generation now!

Your brother in Jesus,