SBC of Virginia family,

SBC of Virginia family,

I would like to thank you for your partnership in the Gospel. The Lord has blessed mightily this summer in our SBC of Virginia ministries, and we are prayerful with great expectation for this coming Fall.

My friend and fellow pastor Tim Ma and I were discussing the need for us to keep prayer for our nation before our churches. I know many pastors across Virginia have and are calling the church to prayer. We live in a constant politicized news cycle, but we all know the Bible is clear about evil, sin, and spiritual warfare. After the shooting in Virginia Beach, something the news did not tell you, is that chaplains (volunteers from SBC of Virginia churches) saw around two dozen people come to faith in Christ as ministry was offered to a hurting community. Let’s be prayerful for fellow Christians ministering in El Paso and Dayton and stay mindful that the Gospel is needed everywhere.

Prayer for El Paso and Dayton

Please remember to pray for all people adversely affected by the shootings in El Paso and Dayton. We particularly lift-up the victims and their families in prayer. As time passes, we continue to encourage our congregations to sincerely pray for all people and our nation (1 Timothy 2:1-2).

"May the God of peace be with you all. Amen." (Romans 15:33, ESV)

Church Planter Family Appreciation Day

Thank you, SBC of Virginia churches for your legacy of support for planting churches. Tomorrow SBC of Virginia and Send DC are hosting a Church Planter Family Appreciation Day at King’s Dominion. For some families this will be their major summer vacation outing. Over 200 folks will be blessed because of SBC of Virginia churches loving church planters and their families.

We have exciting plans to announce soon in regard to church revitalization opportunities. SBC of Virginia will be expanding the emphasis on revitalizing churches, as well as our focus on planting churches.

Annual Homecoming 2019

Please make plans to attend the SBC of Virginia Annual Homecoming on November 10-12, 2019 at First Baptist Church, Roanoke. Preachers include: H.B. Charles, O.S. Hawkins, Vance Pitman, Ken Weathersby, Ken Whitten, and Eric Thomas. Worship leaders will include Charles Billingsley, FBC Roanoke choir and worship teams, LU Praise, and more. This year’s Homecoming is also unique because we will be having an emphasis on the importance of connecting people in local church discipleship with the theme Disciples Are Not Alone!

Thank you for being salt and light. Please do keep on praying and calling the church to pray for revival and spiritual awakening. Let’s stay in the Word so we do not grow weary in well doing and as ministers of the gospel. May God keep us focused as His ambassadors of Christ and messengers of Good News in a world in desperate need. Light overcomes darkness. The Lord reigns!

Your brother in Jesus,